The future of property inspections

Your business doesn’t have to suffer from COVID-19. Save time, stay safe and reduce overheads with automated, agent-free property inspections.

Sell and lease real estate smarter and faster

In response to current challenges, we’ve made agent-free property inspections a reality. We leverage technology to enable you to manage vacant property inspections end-to-end online and prospects to self-tour vacant properties at their own convenience.

How it works

  • 01
    / Join

    Buyer/Renter joins Uthru

  • 02
    / Verify

    We verify their identity and pre-authorise their credit card to safeguard the property

  • 03
    / Book

    They book their preferred time slot for an agent-free, vacant property inspection

  • 04
    / Access

    They receive a code to independently access the property at their allocated time

  • 05
    / Inspect

    They self-tour the property at their allocated time

Why Uthru?


Give prospects private, agent-free access to the property, keeping everyone safe whilst saving your time.


No time wasters -- we pre-authenticate all prospects so you only get verified leads.


Verified prospects can instantly schedule an independent inspection at a time convenient to them.

It's easy to get started, Let's chat

Our innovative solution automates vacant property inspections to save time, reduce overheads and keep everyone safe. To get you through COVID-19 and beyond, get in touch today.